Top 10 Reasons for Australian Student Visa Rejection

Students from all over the world apply for universities in Australia. However, the concern is about student visas being refused in Australia. If you fall into this category, then allow me to paraphrase a wise person’s quotation:

“Rejection is only a redirection, A course correction to your destiny.”

You may find it challenging to complete the student visa application process. But you won’t have to worry about being turned down if you take care of everything that is required. To ensure a smooth process, you should avert Australian visa rejection reasons.

In this article, we will discuss Australian student visa rejection reasons, the Australian student visa rejection rate, and why is student visas refused, in Australia. Read this article thoroughly. If you are stuck somewhere, you can contact the Immigration and Education Services (IES) Portal for further guidance.

Australian Student Visa

1. The demand for the Australian Student Visa.

Australia’s economy, literacy, and standards of living inspire young people around the world. These factors fascinate the students. Hence the demand for an Australian student visa is increasing.

You can bring your family along while studying in Australia if you have a student visa. If you avoid the maximum number of Australian student visa rejection reasons, you will get your student visa soon.

During a survey, it was seen that 48% of students studying at the University of Melbourne are international students. This proves that the Australian student visa rejection rate is low.

2. Students from which top 10 countries are going to study in Australia

According to the student database, the students from these countries come to Australia, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Brazil, and Singapore. It means, that students from these countries are less likely to make mistakes regarding Australian visa rejection reasons. Thus, the Australian visa rejection rate is lower in these countries. The rate of Australian tourist visas denied for these countries is also lower.

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3. The reasons for such demand

The existence of the top institutions in Australia is the cause of the rise in demand for student visas from that country. Furthermore, Australia is home to branches of the top ten institutions in the world. The Australian student visa rejection rate in the mentioned nations is low, and graduates from Australian institutions are also eligible to live and work there after graduation.

4. The benefits of the Australian Student Visa

An Australian student visa can also grant you permanent residency. It will allow you to bring your immediate family members with you there. You get a good and reliable degree or diploma certificate from Australia. Australian student visas can benefit you with other short-term or long-term visas.

Australian Student Visa Refusal

Australian student visa refusal might be very frustrating if you have done everything to the fullest extent you can. But many points can take part in Australian student visa rejection reasons. First, you need to identify the causes and then act. The Australian student visa refusal can cause your whole money to be wasted, and nobody would want that.

You can contact the IES Portal to avoid mistakes that speed up the Australian student visa rejection rate. According to the stats for the year 2021, the Australian student visa rejection rate was 8%. However, the Australian visa rejection rate has declined from 2019-2020, and more visas are being granted.

Australian Student Visa Requirements

To Apply for an Australian student visa, You need to know all the requirements of a visa. This will not allow your student visa from being refused in Australia.

  • You must be six years old or above.
  • You should enroll in any course in Australia.
  • You must hold Overseas student health coverage or fall in any exemption category.
  • If you are under 18 years of age,  then you must hold an adequate welfare arrangement.
  • If you turn 18 after arriving in Australia, you should inform the authorities immediately. So they can provide any papers that might be needed.
  • You must meet the English language requirements as required.
  • Students above 16 must meet the character requirements.
  • You must hold the required amount necessary for your stay in Australia.
  • You would have to sign an Australian value statement which ensures that you respect and obey Australian laws.
  • No student has had any visa rejected while in Australia.

If you fulfill all these requirements, they won’t be the Australian visa rejection reason.

Australian Student Visa Rejection Reasons

Below are the ten most common Australian student refusal reasons, that people ignore while applying for a student visa in Australia and result in their Australian student visa being denied.

1. Inadequacy In Meeting English Requirements

Rejection reasons:

English requirements include:

These requirements may vary from university to university. So fulfilling all the English requirements is necessary to get you the student visa. Failure to meet these requirements is also the Australian student visa rejection reason.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

Avoid this error by meeting the English criteria. Whether it’s an undergraduate, postgraduate, or diploma program, validate your qualification matches the university’s requirements.

2. Not Enough Academic Qualification

Rejection reasons:

The most common Australian student visa rejection reason is that the student fails to meet the required academic qualification. It means they apply for a university, but without meeting the university’s specific admission protocol/requirement.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

If you want to avoid this mistake, you need to have knowledge of the university’s admission criteria and what they demand. It’s also vital to know while applying that:

  • Your grades should match their academic requirements.
  • The minimum number of study years required for you to get enrolled.

3. Inadequate Financial Capacity

Rejection reasons:

One of the Australian student visa rejection reasons is that students fail to meet the financial requirements of Australia. As for now,  the requirement for the student visa is AUD 20000, which might rise in the upcoming years.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

Avoid this mistake by showing sufficient funds for living in Australia. If you are being sponsored,  then the identity and the relationship of that person or agency sponsoring you. But if you are applying for a loan, you must show evidence for that tool.

4. Failure to have Overseas student health coverage or welfare arrangement

Rejection reasons:

One reason for the Australian student visa refusal is that you fail to provide OSHC, which is one of the necessary pieces of evidence showing that you are insured.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

You can abstain from this Australian visa refusal reason by providing OSHC, the Identity of the person, or the organization covering your health. The lowest Australian visa rejection rate is for applicants from China.

5. Incomplete Documentation

Rejection reasons:

If you don’t have your documents in order, then it could be one of the Australian student visa refusal reasons. It is the mistake that people commonly tend to make by providing expired or incomplete documentation.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

There are particular requirements for documents like

  • Birth Certificate
  • The passport identity page and each page has a visa label
  • immigration stamps for any country
  • National Identity Card, A Curriculum Vitae certified by local authorities
  • All pages of the Household Registration Book
  • A statement purpose
  • Evidence of qualifications and associated transcripts
  • Certificate of Enrolment (CoE)
  • Confirmation of Appropriate Accommodation and Welfare Arrangements (CAAW),
  • linked with your Certificate of Enrolment(CoE)
  • English language test certificate
  • Evidence of financial stability.
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
  • Evidence of any scholarship(s) awarded for pursuing your studies in Australia. If you can provide this documentation, then you are good to get your visa approved.

6. Due to providing false information

Rejection reasons:

Some applicants offer false information about their name, identity, or papers. They do so because they do not intend to study in Australia. Thus, the Australian government has designated this as an Australian visa rejection reason. This could also be one of the reasons that your Australian tourist visa was denied.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

Many Australian student visas have been denied due to this reason. You can overcome this problem by providing authentic information and avoiding any kind of incorrect or false information as an applicant.

7. You don’t meet the Genuine Temporary Entrant Requirement.

Rejection reasons:

GTE is a kind of assurance test. This test ensures your intention for coming to Australia as a student to study rather than coming through this visa for other ulterior motives. Failure to provide the GTE will result in the Australian student visa refusal.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

You can avoid this mistake by giving a proper GTE personal statement with documentary proof, which will ensure that you are applying for a temporary stay and there is no other intention behind it.

8. Criminal History

Rejection reasons:

Failure to provide strong character requirements is also one of the Australian student visa refusal reasons. The Australian government is straight in its criminal policies. They will ask for your criminal history after 16 years of age, and it’s something that appears on your criminal record that could become an Australian visa rejection reason.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

Avoid this problem by providing your character certificate. It ensures that you are a reliable person, don’t have a history of 12 months or longer imprisonment, and were never involved in a sexually based crime. This is not necessarily a mistake, but you can be free of this hustle if you have a clean criminal history.

9. Rejection In Interview

Rejection reasons:

Another popular Australian student visa refusal reason is the rejection during an interview with the Immigration and Border Protection Department. This board assesses your honesty regarding your stay in Australia. However, failure to give proper reasons and statements can cause your visa rejection.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

This is not a big deal. You can refrain from this by providing proper answers. Providing a correct explanation about your stay in Australia and the purpose of going there will also help.

10. Past Immigration History

Rejection reasons:

Your immigration history might also cause trouble and lead to your visa rejection. Your past Australian tourist visa denial can also be one of the Australian student visa rejection reasons.

How to avoid this mistake/overcome this problem:

You can ignore this by going through your immigration history, and if there is some kind of history like that, then it’s better you not apply for a student visa. Immigration history should be clear and shouldn’t contradict your temporary stay in Australia according to the student visas.

How to Avoid Australian Student Visa Refusal

There are five tips that you can use to avoid student visa refusal.

  • Complete all your documentation before applying.
  • Be sure to have sufficient friends.
  • Be sure that you have an OSHC or welfare arrangements
  • Try to have no past visa refusal history.
  • You should contact an immigration agent so that you don’t make mistakes that become one of the Australian student visa rejection reasons.

Australian visa rejection rate is also low for Humanitarian visa entrants as per the statistics of 2016.


Can I get an Australian student visa after refusal?

Yes, you can apply for an Australian student visa after the first refusal,  but make sure you avoid the mistakes you have made previously. Contact a reliable immigration setup like IES Portal, as you have a refusal history now.

What are the chances of Australian student visa rejection?

After the pandemic, the Australian student visa rejection rate is still low. Therefore, the chances of your visa rejection are also lower. If you have all the documents completed and the appropriate intention when applying for an Australian student visa, then you don’t need to get frightened, just go for it.

How soon can I apply for a visa after rejection in Australia?

You can reapply after 24 days for the student visa in Australia but after filing an appeal for the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Be sure you avoid all the Australian student visa refusal reasons.

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All the above-mentioned Australian student visa rejection reasons are the basis of the refusal of your visa. Some of these are the reason why your Australian tourist visa is denied. If you avoid these mistakes, you can get your visas without any hustle. But it’s far better that you hire an agent from the IES Portal. The agents are competent in their work and will let you go smoothly throughout the process, till your visa gets approved.

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