How to get a job in Canada as a Bangladeshi student?

Before beginning the article, let me quote a beautiful saying by JM Rohn: “I’m working full-time on my job and part-time on my fortune.”

It signifies that your part-time work is benefiting your fortune. Every student out there working hard as a part-time or full-time student, we applaud your efforts. Let’s discuss in this article the jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi students.

Types of Jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi Students

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is a type of job that doesn’t require your physical presence. You can work from anywhere by maintaining your flexibility. There are various types of online jobs for students in Canada available on different websites. You just need to find out which job suits you the best; examples include content writing, SEO, graphic designing, logo designing, animations, and virtual assistance.

2. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is another career that does not necessitate your presence. You can contact many websites that serve as a mediator. All you have to do is sign up as a tutor and start teaching students from all around the world. That is a fantastic job in Canada for a Bangladeshi. Simply teaching in your native language can earn you up to 20 CAD per hour.

3. Customer Care Assistance

It is one of the highest-paying jobs in retail. As a customer care assistant, you have to address customer issues, including complaints and demands. You will have to answer queries,  provide information,  take orders, sell products, and file complaints. It is also one of the good jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi students.

4. Call Centre jobs

As Canada provides exceptional customer service, its call centers are highly active. Call center jobs in Canada for Bangladeshis are quite easy to come by. You can work there and provide inbound and outbound customer support. You must be able to speak fluently and have good communication abilities.

5. Restaurant and bar jobs

Restaurant and bar occupations are the most common and easiest jobs for students to accomplish. Students can work as bartenders, cashiers, dishwashers, kitchen managers, cooks, and waiters. This type of job can be pretty intriguing because you are sometimes rewarded with excellent tips. You can earn up to 11 CAD per hour. It’s a type of part-time job in Canada for students that is highly preferred by them.

6. Dog Walking jobs

Dog walkers are in high demand in Canada since most people keep dogs as their pets. It is one of the finest Canadian job opportunities for Bangladeshis because there are no language barriers. The job is very simple; all you have to do is take the dog for a one or two-hour walk every day. It must be the perfect job for dog lovers, and you can make up to 14 CAD each hour.

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7. Uber and delivery service

It is one of the great jobs in Canada for Bangladeshis. You can work in any area of your choice. However, the only thing you will need is a good-conditioned car. However, if you want to provide delivery services, then you will need to have a motorcycle or a bicycle. Furthermore, you are not required to adhere to a fixed timetable.

How to get a job in Canada as a Bangladeshi student?

For Online Jobs:

  1. If you want to work as a freelancer on an online platform, then you just need to have a good computer and a laptop with a reliable internet connection.
  2. Make a good and presentable portfolio or profile on a freelancing website like Fiverr, Upwork, or Freelancer.
  3. Once you have set up your profile, then hunt the jobs accordingly. These platforms provide a great number of online jobs for students in Canada. You can earn depending upon the hours or projects.
  4. If you want to work as an online tutor, then there are different websites that you can join. These websites include Preply, The Princeton Review, and Chegg. Online tutoring is a comfortable and great online job for students in Canada.

For Off-campus Jobs:

  1. For working as a Part-timer in retail jobs, you can find jobs on Google by simply setting up the location where you want to work.
  2. Otherwise, LinkedIn works just fine for these jobs, where you find multiple jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi.
  3. Restaurant and bar jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi are quite easy to find. You can go to any restaurant or bar and apply there for the required position. If it fits you, then you can easily apply for it.
  4. If you are looking to work in a Call center or service center, then you can apply through the website and become a representative there.
  5. Uber and delivery services jobs are easy to apply for. Just sign up as a driver at Uber and fill out the necessities.
  6. Several ads for Canadian job opportunities for Bangladeshi are uploaded daily in the Newspaper, like dog walking and babysitting. So you can find jobs there as well.

If you are working off campus, you must ensure that you meet all the eligibility requirements. After completing the prerequisites, you will be allowed to work 20 hours per week during your academic session. If you are on summer vacation or a semester off, you can work full-time with no restrictions. If you don’t know which job to choose full-time, then look for jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi that align with your career plan.

For On-campus Jobs:

  1. For On-campus jobs, you need to ensure that you are not a full-time student.
  2. There are various on-campus jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi students example, librarians, teaching assistants, and cooks.
  3. You Must have a Social Insurance Number that allows you to have employment within the registered institution.
  4. If you have graduated, then you have to apply for a work permit, after which you can work as a graduate. Apply for a post-graduate work permit program. With this, you can stay for three years and work within your field of interest.

Part-time Jobs Requirements in Canada

There are few requirements for part-time jobs in Canada for students. If you meet these standards, you should have no trouble finding work. You must demonstrate that you are a full-time student. You must be enrolled in an appropriate degree, course certificate, or diploma certificate. Make sure your studies have begun before beginning your part-time employment.

There are many Canadian job opportunities for Bangladeshi. You can work off-campus if you are enrolled as a full-time student in the designated learning institution. While you must be enrolled in a post-secondary academic, Vocational, or professional training program.  The program in which you are enrolled must be 6 months or longer. Furthermore, to work there, you must have a valid Social Insurance number issued by Service Canada.

For working on-campus, You must have the following points marked in your study permit.

  1. It accepts employment on the campus where you’re currently enrolled
  2. If you meet the eligibility criteria as per R186 (f), (v), and (w), then you are allowed to do employment on-campus or off-campus.

If you fulfill all of the above requirements,  then keep the rules and regulations of Canadian immigration, citizenship, and Refugee rules in mind to help yourself out.

How to Apply for a part-time job in Canada as a Bangladeshi student?

If you have understood how to get part-time jobs in Canada for students, now you must be wondering what’s next. Now a good part is how to apply for jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi students.

For an application for jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi, you will need to have a proper CV or resume. Your resume must display all the qualities or expertise that you have. For a good impression, do not forget to add your communication skills and leadership qualities.

Once you’ve prepared your CV, make a good cover letter for the designation you’re applying for. Remember that cover letters are made individually for each job.

Try to make as many contacts as you can. In this way, you can be updated whenever Canadian job opportunities arise. On-campus employment is relatively simple to obtain. These jobs are commonly displayed on advertisement boards, ads, and university websites.

Suppose you want to work as a freelancer. Then you can apply for jobs on different freelancing websites or join Facebook groups where news jobs are uploaded almost daily. You can build your profile on Upwork and apply for the types of jobs that suit you. Other platforms, like Fiverr and Freelancer or LinkedIn, also have job opportunities. Make sure to turn on the notifications to remain up to date.

Checklist for Part-time Jobs in Canada

It’s not very difficult to find Part-time jobs in Canada. All you have to do is make sure that you have all of the following things.

  • Complete the eligibility criteria that include you as a full-time student and get enrolled in a degree, diploma, or certificate.
  • You have a proper Social Insurance Number having all the points necessary that allow you to take part-time jobs.
  • Identify the type of jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi. Find the job and immediately apply for it. Once you have applied, then wait for your studies to begin and then start your work.
  • Online jobs for students in Canada are very popular and have good pay.
  • Part-time jobs in Canada for Bangladeshi students are great too. Try to find the work where there’s a margin for bonuses and upgrades.
  • As a Bangladeshi student, if you want to improve your communication skills, then look for jobs that require your communication skills. This way, you can also groom yourselves.
  • If you have got the job, then adjust your hours accordingly in a manner that your studies are also not neglected.
  • Remember that once you get the job, you have to open a bank account in Canada.
  • Part-time jobs in Canada for students also come with Tax payments. As a part-timer earner, you will also have to pay the required tax, so be prepared for that too.

Tips for Getting a Part-time Job in Canada

The best part about working in Canada is that you get endless opportunities throughout your journey. Let’s discuss some basic tips that will help you in getting jobs in Canada as a Bangladeshi student.

  1. Always look for opportunities whenever they come around.
  2. Don’t just look for the jobs that pay you the best; instead, go for the jobs that help in building your skills and expertise.
  3. If you can work on campus, it will probably be the best for you. This way, you can stay within the campus and set your study routine more efficiently.
  4. Don’t always just stick to a single job because you never know which opportunity awaits you. Canadian job opportunities for Bangladeshi come almost every day, so be alert and hunt it.
  5. Find jobs that are nearer to your living area. This will save you traveling expenses.
  6. Working online is always the finest option for a Bangladeshi or international student. If you have to relocate to another state or city, you will not have to lose your work.

Best ways to get Support in Canada for Bangladeshi Students

Adjusting to a new situation and knowing what to do next can be difficult. You can contact the Immigration and Education Services (IES) Portal via the website if you need help or support. Schedule an appointment with the counselor and avail the best consultation.

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Working part-time or full-time is widespread among international students. The information provided here will assist you in finding jobs in Canada as a Bangladeshi. Look for a step-by-step approach for determining eligibility requirements and work correspondingly. Don’t waste time looking for your dream part-time employment. Instead, as a student, focus on improving your talents and learning as much as you can. Keep in mind that there is no time restriction for learning.

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